AAHHH!!! Germz

AAHHH!!! Germz!


There are trillions of evil germs trying to infect you every day! And hand washing can only go so far. As a mighty white blood cell, blast your way through swarms of enemy bacteria and virus as you navigate your way through the blood stream.

Your objective: Eradicate all bacteria and virus in the body. Sounds simple, right? Not at all! You must battle your way through waves of enemy germs, blast through barricades and destroy insane bosses. All to ensure the body stays healthy. Simply dragging your finger on the screen will move your white blood cell; touch the screen to shoot.


  • No In-App purchases
  • Simple touch controls
  • Addictive, fast paced gameplay
  • 36 hand designed insane levels
  • A large variety of crazy enemies
  • Awesome power-ups
  • Edit and share videos of your battles
  • Game Center integration
  • Many achievements to unlock


AAHHH!!! Germz! is a game that sparked by my son. He is learning about germs in his 3rd grade health class and was drawing these cool little germs which sparked the idea.

My son has always wanted to work on a video game with me so I had him join the team. We spent some time working on germ concepts. He would draw some cool sketches and I’d clean them up. It was great to work on project with my son and teach him some programing concepts.

A Game for All Ages
AAHHH!!! Germz! has super simple controls which is perfect for anyone to pick up and play. Simple swipe and touch controls allows the player to play without having to worry about where to touch on the screen. Simple controls paired with simple yet addictive gameplay, makes for a fun game for all ages.



More videos, including videos shared by gamers, can be seen here.



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Web: jasoncalvert.com

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