Crabbin is a 2D endless swimmer where you must avoid endless waves of fishing nets as you ride the current.

You’ve just emerged from your winter slumber and looking to mingle. Good news, everyone just loves a big blue shell crab. Bad news, so does the fishermen! Ride the current and avoid the fishermen’s nets or you’ll be lunch.

Simply tap the screen to make your blue crab swim up. Avoid crabbin nets, the water surface and the ice depths below.


  • No In-App purchases
  • Simple touch controls
  • Addictive, fast paced gameplay
  • Edit  andhare videos with friends on Facebook, YouTube and Everyplay


Crabbin began as a simple example to teach my young son how to write code and how games work. We both love playing games and I thought it would be cool to show him how to make a game. It started out as making a box pass between walls. As the game started to take shape, we brain-stormed some ideas on what the game could be.

We go crabbing every summer when the blue shell crabs emerge from the mud to spawn. We both thought it would be cool to experience this yearly event as the crab trying to get away from the fishermen.

Simple yet addicting
Crabbin has super simple touch controls which is perfect for anyone to pick up and play. Simply tap the screen to make your crab swim up a little. Don’t swim too high or you will either hit a net or come out of the water. Don’t sink your your lunch. Keeping the game mechanics and concepts simple, allows for all ages to play.

You score for every group of nets safely passed and can share video of your best game with friends through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Everyplay.



More videos, including videos shared by gamers, can be seen here.



Mail: jaycally at me [dot] com

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