Sperm Warz

Sperm Warz


Sperm Warz is a 2D top-down shooter designed by Jason Calvert. Sperm Warz is a fast-paced game where you must battle your way through waves of enemy sperm to make it to the egg. There are 36 hand designed levels packed with some crazy enemies and insane bosses.

As they say, love is a battlefield… Can you prove that your big can swim.


It all started with a crazy idea
The idea of Sperm Warz popped into existence back in the Fall of 2005. My wife was pregnant with our son and I was researching the pregnancy. I found some medical paper in the dark depths of the internet which was about sperm and their morphology. Never new that there were different types of sperm which had different roles to play in the fertilization process. You have “swimmers” which seek out the egg, there are “blockers” which will attack sperm from another male, and others which stick together to form a wall to keep other sperm out.

You would never know that a war could be raging on after a night of fun. I added this to my list of project ideas and filed it away.

Bringing it to life
I’ve always wanted to develop my own game. I’ve spent years doing tutorials and even more years playing them but life has a way of putting those dreams on hold. After a medical scare and thinking I was at death’s door, I realized that life is short and I need to make those dreams a reality. So, I dusted off that list of ideas and decided to start making games. I’ve always loved playing shooters as a kid and thought that the sperm game could be a good first production project to do.

At the beginning, I knew I would use Unity3D as my development tool. It has an amazing community of developers who are eager to help other developers. The software is also super powerful, full of rich features and great for mobile development. I also knew that my first game would be a 2d-sprite game. Its a great homage to those games I loved when I was a kid. I could also create the art and animate the pieces quickly leaving me more time to work out how to code this game.

After months of sweat and tears, Sperm Warz was completed in early October 2014. Sperm Warz is available in the App Store for iPhone 4 and up as well as iPod Touch.



More videos, including videos shared by gamers, can be seen here.


A zip file of these images are available here.

There are far more images available for Sperm Warz, but I thought that these are the ones most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Sperm Warz icon
Downloaded the full size logo here.

Mail: jaycally at me [dot] com
Twitter: twitter.com/jaycally
Web: jasoncalvert.com

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